Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hi world,

Or the one person that reads this...hahhaha ..I have closed Del Sol in Second Life. Still working in Second Life in education.

Penny my golden and Maggie my german are still alive and kicking. Oddly when I was looking to move I had to buy a house with a pool for my dogs. I have moved in the past year or so to Georgia...just above Atlanta. Its so much colder here brrrr. I live in a little log cabin.. no kidding!  I am around the corner from every kind of dr you could ever need  or never want. In the past few years I have acquired a serious chronic illness. Kidney failure (huge ugh). So I couldnt be in a better area.

I have had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Very uneventful. but the kinda not so good part of the new year is every month I have to go to my dr to have my stats run to see..when I go on dialysis. Literally since last May I always feel omg its now..but my blood work keeps saving me. The list of foods I am not allowed is so long and some of my favorites. Nuts, tomatoes, avacados, potato, beans,
ice cream, milk, grains, brown breads, brown rice and the list goes on and on and on. Sometimes in weak moments I think why me, the drs, and staff tell me its unusual for someone my age. And I almost start a pity party.. then I think of children on dialysis and think im really lucky and should not whine. I start thinking I am blessed!

I am still working with Random. He is so intelligent and giving.

It is getting I will finish this up in the next few days..]]

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Formally Del Sol Furniture and Organized Confusion in Second Life

Xandi Mars, Zandi Moe, Random Cole and my alt Sandi Petunia have reopened under new a new store name, with all new home and garden essentials...same great variety and styles, just updated.  Come check it out!

Please note, we are a "work in progress".  Still on the Second Life Island named   Del Sol:

(click the line below to teleport)